Summer Workshop

A mindfulness journey through the seasons.


Join us on Saturday, August 25, for our Nature of Meditation Workshop as we celebrate Summer in The Sacred Garden in Haiku. Carla Jalbert will lead the group in a lesson of mindfulness in Nature, as well as a meditation. We will also have the opportunity to do a walking meditation in the beautiful labyrinth in the garden. 

A labyrinth is considered to be an ancient symbol that represents wholeness. It serves as a metaphor for our journey in life—a journey to the center and back out again. Unlike a maze, there is only one way out. The labyrinth gives us a chance to take the time to be present in a sacred space; an opportunity to look within our own selves. Come enjoy a morning of reflection, healing, and fellowship with your PCF family! Coffee and goodies provided.

august 25th, 10AM

sacred garden, haiku