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APRIL 12: Educational Series with Erin Salez


APRIL 19 - MAY 24: Thrive and Survive Workshop


MAY 10: Educational Series with Dr. Tiffany Prangnell

Coming up in May....

Dr. Tiffany Prangnell, PT, DPT, ATC, CLT-LANA, Cert. MDT and her associate, Dr. Christine LaChance PT, DPT, CLT, will be speaking about Lymphedema and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) on May 10th. CDT is the main treatment for lymphedema. Experts who treat lymphedema consider CDT the “gold standard” of treatment. CDT has been shown to be safe and effective. 


Components of CDT include: 

1. Manual lymph drainage (MLD) 2. Multi-layer, short-stretch compression bandaging 3. Lymphatic exercise 4. Skin care 5. Education in lymphedema self-management, and elastic compression garments

Effects of CDT are to: 

1. Decrease swelling 2. Increase lymph drainage from the congested areas 3. Reduce skin fibrosis and improve the skin condition 4. Enhance patient’s functional status 5. relieve discomfort and improve quality of life 6. Reduce the risk of cellulitis and a rare form of angiosarcoma.