Nature of Meditation
Winter Workshop

Join PCF this year as we take a mindfulness journey through the seasons.

Each quarter, we will mark the changing of the seasons on a field trip in the beautiful outdoors, with meditation teacher Carla Jalbert. We will explore how nature and meditation can aid in our healing and well being. By connecting into nature, we can leave our daily distractions behind and quiet the mind—giving our bodies a chance to go into “the relaxation state,” the optimum state for our body’s healing. Step into the wonder of nature for a morning of meditation, and a chance to connect with the mana of Maui.


Our upcoming workshop will include paddling in double hull outrigger canoes followed by a meditation on the beach. We hope to catch sight of some whales, as it is Winter Whale Season! Experience the serenity and calm of being out on the water. Coffee and other goodies will be provided.


"I am so happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did this. And I will do it again. And again. Gratitude for the experience, the earth, the ocean, the whales and the wonderful people I had the privilege to connect with today.

- Linda Harmon, on her experience at last year’s Nature of Meditation workshop