Immune-boosting Workshop
with Nutrition & Chi Gung

We’ll take a look at probiotics for gut health and their impact on the body’s immune system, then enjoy the gentle movement (yet powerful energy) of Chi Gung, also known to increase immune function.


Wednesday, February 13th, 5-7 pm
Cameron Center Auditorium


Probiotics are healthy bacteria that we introduce into our microbiome, or digestive system, to boost the healthy bacteria that already lives there.  Studies show that probiotics can benefit certain cancer patients, such as those experiencing gastrointestinal problems or the side effects of treatment.


Studies show that chi gung has a positive impact on the body’s immune system.

Kurt Healing Movement.jpg

Release stress and mitigate pain and illness through the gentle movements of Dragon and Tiger, a 1500-year-old self-healing medical Chi Gung system based on acupuncture. Renowned for healing and good for the joints, this technique helps rid the body of stagnant chi, raises energy levels, balances the body’s energy flow and improves physical balance, coordination and overall flexibility.