Book Club


Join PCF and Meditation Instructor, Carla Jalbert, for our Summer Book Club!

Through meditation and exploring our second book together, Carla will help guide participants on their spiritual path, wherever that may be.


In her inspirational memoir, Anita shares her experience of healing from stage four cancer as she experienced her internal
organs shutting down. Her extraordinary near death experience helped her to understand how she could assist in her
own healing. The messages she shares throughout this New York Times bestseller are overwhelmingly helpful for all of us in living our lives that is most in affinity
with who we are - not what society defines for us, as to what is considered “successful.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer opens the book with his own message of support for Anita and provides the validation of her claims.
Her story helps us to understand that
we are each magnificent spiritual beings having a human experience.



JULY 18th & july 25th

6:00-8:00pm, PCF Office

Books are provided. Space is limited.

Come enjoy getting to know members of our PCF family, share in meditation, and engage in a collective discussion of this wonderful book. Sign up now to receive your complimentary copy of the book. Books will be available for pick-up after July 1st.